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Welcome to Castlerock's greenhouse and gardens
this website is still under construction. 
Please be patient as our growing season will soon be here and we will be able to help you with your mail order plants and gift selection soon.
Greenhouses don't have to be purely commercial, plain and boring. Recreational hobby spaces have exiled into the backyard market. 
Practical considerations aside, greenhouses can also be turned into really beautiful places to call home. The greenhouse in Cindy and Chris yard is a prime example of how creative renovators can turn "eco-friendly" into "eco-cozy."
"If you're going to live and play in a greenhouse, you should really use it to your advantage, and embrace the landscape outside.
castlerocksgreenhouse ® ,Near Memphis Tn

Located near Memphis Tn. in the town of Mason.You may contact us for a privet tour of the grounds and visit of our gardens and greenhouse.